essential oils for ear infection in toddlers

Essential Oils for Ear Infections in Toddlers

I’m sure we all only want the best when it comes to our children. Ear infections are already painful and inconvenient enough if you are adult, it can feel even worse when it comes to toddlers. They don’t know why they are in pain and just want it to go away. It can be a much more frustrating experience, simply because they don’t know what is going on and why their ear, or even entire head hurts. Pharmaceutical remedies are not the only solution. Essential oils can be an amazing remedy since a lot of them have anti inflammatory and thus soothing effect on infections.

An added plus of using essential oils is that they don’t worsen the more and more serious issue of antibiotic resistance.

Why Using Essential Oils For Ear Infections in Toddlers?

Ear infection (Otitis) is a common issue and usually affects the middle ear. It is actually extremely common in young children. This infection is caused by either bacteria or a virus. When it comes to toddlers, it usually happens right after a cold, flu, or an allergic reaction, when the ear canal (more specifically the Eustachian tube) is swelled, which can result in a blockage that causes fluids to build up inside the ear. Children are more prone to this, simply because their ear canals are smaller and more narrow.

One of the main benefits of using essential oils is their low toxicity, natural origin, and potency.

A lot of essential oils have proven analgesic, antibacterial, anti inflammatory, and even antiviral properties. All of those things make it the perfect remedy, because essential oils can reduce pain and swelling, and even fight of bacteria and viruses.

How To Use Essential Oils for Ear Infections In Toddlers

Dilute the essential oil in your favorite carrier oil and make sure to do a patch test on your toddler, just to be safe and avoid any unwanted allergic reactions. From then on you have two options.

You can warm up the carrier oil (slightly, make sure it’s not hot!) and add your essential oil. Use a sterilized dropper and simply drop it in your toddler’s ear. They should lay down with their head tilted and wait a minute or two.

Another, perhaps easier option with a lively toddler, is to dilute your essential oil and dip a clean cotton ball into the mixture. Gently place the ball into your toddlers ear and stay close to make sure they don’t push it further in, since that could potentially worsen the situation.

In both cases most of the oil should stay inside the ear, but if anything seeps out, simply use a clean cloth to wipe it away.

The Best Essential Oils for Ear Infections In Toddlers

essential oils for ear infection in toddlers

Tea Tree Essential Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia)

Tea tree oil has powerful antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. It is one of the most commonly used essential oils for medicinal purposes, mainly for those that struggle with skin issues. All the components that make it a great and effective skin treatment also make it a useful tool to fight off other infections.

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Basil Essential Oil (Ocimum basilicum)

A study has shown that basil essential oil has the potential to effectively treat ear infections. When used on rats with serious bacterial infections (flu and the bacterial cousin of the flu – Haemophilus influenzae) it cured or healed significantly more than the placebo group. This sweet, slightly floral oil soothes symptoms and acts as an anti inflammatory, which means it has the potential to reduce ear infection related swelling and calms the affected area.

Lavender Essential Oil (Lavandula angustifolia)

Lavender oil is one of the most popular oils and has a long history of, culinary and medicinal use thought the world. It has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, even in small doses, which means it can reduce the pain and swelling that are side effects of an ear infection. It’s also an analgesic, which means it can provide a quick and lasting pain relief. It can even reduce the feelings of stress and fear that can accompany an ear infection. The wonderful, fresh, and calming scent is just an added bonus.

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  • SAFETY WARNING: For external use only. Other than aromatherapy, dilute with a carrier oil. For topical use, rub a very small amount on the inside of your elbow area to test for any allergic reaction before use, discontinue if irritation occurs; Avoid contact with eyes, keep out of the reach of children. If pregnant, consult with your health care provider before use
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Clove Essential Oil (Syzygium aromaticum)

Clove essential oil is a strong antiseptic, which essentially means it disinfects the affected area and fights off the nasty organisms that caused the ear infection. It also speeds up the healing process and soothes the pain. It has been used for centuries in dentistry because it has such a powerful and effective pain relief mechanism. It is still often used as a treatment for dry sockets. Eugenol is the compound responsible not only for the healing effects, but also the uniquely spicy taste of cloves and some other spices.

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  • SAFETY WARNING: For external use only. Other than aromatherapy, dilute with a carrier oil. For topical use, rub a very small amount on the inside of your elbow area to test for any allergic reaction before use. Avoid contact with eyes, keep out of the reach of children. If pregnant, consult with your health care provider before use.
  • Clove oil blends well with citronella, grapefruit, lemon, orange, peppermint, rosemary, and rose oils
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Other Essential Oils With Anti-microbial Anti-viral and Anti-inflammatory Properties

Cinnamon essential oil (Cinnamomum verum), oregano essential oil (Origanum vulgare), manuka essential oil (Leptospermum scoparium), Indian sandalwood essential oil (Santalum album), and many more. Research each oil before you use it on your child.

A Quick Warning

Essential oils are volatile and potent. This means they are powerful but can be dangerous if you don’t use them responsibly. Use extra caution when you use it internally or near your mucous membranes (such as your ears). Plant based and natural medicines are still medicines and you should always keep their strength in mind.

If you want to apply your essential oil topically always make sure to dilute it first. You can use your favorite neutral oil, such as almond, jojoba, or even olive oil. If it’s your first time using the specific essential oil, do a patch test, just to make sure your child is not allergic to it. Always make sure you store your oil out of reach of children, especially your lively and curious toddler.

If you are unsure and have any doubts, contact your primary care doctor or pediatrician. They are more and more inclined to use methods that are more natural, and some are more than happy to give you recommendations for the best oils and other natural remedies. After all, science definitely confirms the effectiveness of essential oils. For any additional information you can also consult a qualified aromatherapist.

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