essential oils for female hormone imbalance

Essential Oils For Female Hormone Imbalance (Even During PMS)

One of the most surprising aromatherapy applications is the use of essential oils for female hormone imbalance.

Hormonal imbalances can affect both men and women and cause numerous symptoms, including fatigue, mood swings, fertility problems, weight gain, depression, insomnia.

If this condition is not treated, hormonal imbalances can lead to diseases such as diabetes and cancer. Additionally, 80% females experience a plethora of hormonal changes during PMS (Premenstrual syndrome), for which there isn’t a definitive treatment as of yet.

With the help of essential oils, a soft correction of the functional activity of the hormonal system can be carried out, and PMS symptoms kept under control, which can drastically improve the quality of life for many women. Knowing the healing properties of oils, you can easily balance the production of female hormones such as cortisol, progesterone, estrogen, and also improve the functioning of the thyroid gland and stimulate the production of testosterone.

essential oils for female hormone imbalance

Essential Oils For Female Hormone Imbalance: 14 Top Picks for 14 Hormones

If you’re looking for a natural way to balance your hormones, essential oils are the right solution for you.

For each of the 14 hormone types below I’ve selected the essential oils that you can use to regulate them.

I’ve also chosen my #top pick amongst all the essential oil that you can use to balance each of the 14 hormone types. Follow the link on each of the top picks to purchase top quality oils at the lowest price.

Mix the essential oils for female hormone imbalance with your favorite base or carrier oil and don’t forget to follow the correct dosage and rules when combining them.

#1. Nutmeg Oil for Estrogen

The main female sex hormone. It has a very strong influence on mood. Both reduced and increased rates can cause nervousness, capriciousness, depression states and aggressiveness.

Essential oils and plants that increase the level of estrogen include:

Nutmeg, nioli, geranium, fennel, incense, vetiver, davana, hops, baden. Muscatine sage balances its production, and helps with the regulation of both high and low estrogen values. The essential oil of vitex (monastic pepper) reduces the level of estrogen, both in men and in women. A similar action can have essential oils of thyme and lavender.

#2. Thyme Oil for Progesterone

Progesterone is another major female sex hormone. Many experts believe that loss of progesterone could be amongst the causes of PMS, even though this theory is still to be fully confirmed. In any case, controlling progesterone levels is important to avoid symptoms of low progesterone, which include mood swings, depression, irregular cycles and even miscarriages during pregnancy. Progesterone production is stimulated by the essential oils of thyme, lavender and vitex.

#3. Fokienia Oil for Testosterone

The main male sex hormone, but it is also important in females. In addition to increasing aggressiveness it has quite a lot of advantages: an increase of the sexual desire, and in the desire for conquest and competition.

The level of testosterone in the body may be increased with all essential oils containing citral (lemongrass, litsea, eucalyptus, lemon wormwood, etc.), as well as natural citral in its pure form. Patchouli oil also stimulate sex hormones such as testosterone (but also estrogen), while fokienia oil (Siamese tree) has a greater effect on testosterone. In addition, the essential oil of sandalwood balances the amount of testosterone in the blood.

#4. Ylang Ylang Oil for Adrenalin

Positive stress hormone. It activates the body to fight and accomplish, and also greatly reduces appetite and stimulates the immune system. Its production is promoted by basil, thyme, rosemary. Incidentally, adrenaline is a hormone of the adrenal glands, but it is the adrenals in the female body that secrete testosterone, so these essential oils can simulate and produce testosterone in women. Ylang Ylang balances the adrenaline content in the blood.

#5. Sage Oil for Cortisol

Harmful stress hormone. Is allocated with prolonged negative stress, depresses the immune system and pancreas, causes depression. His production is reduced by sage and lavender, but jasmine, on the contrary, can stimulate.

#6. Frankincense Oil for Thyroid gland and its hormones

The thyroid gland is one of the main elements of the endocrine system, affecting the whole body. Essential oil of frankincense is able to normalize its work, but the seaweed oil – simulates it so much that aromatherapists recommend using it only under the supervision of a doctor.

#7. Chamomile Oil for Melatonin

A hormone regulating our daily rhythms. His imbalance leads to drowsiness or insomnia. Stimulate production – all citrus essential oils, essential oils of chamomile and mint.

#8. Coriander Oil for Insulin

The hormone of the pancreas and almost the main hormone that affects the metabolic processes and, of course, the weight. Its production can be stimulated by lavender, jasmine and rosemary, and coriander helps to balance.

Now about pleasure hormones: dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins. In addition to chemical effects on the body, aromatherapy can contribute to their development through mental effects. Do you like any flavor? Or do you associate it with pleasant moments in your life? It is you who will contribute to the development of hormones of pleasure. A simple example is a vanilla essential oil, the aroma of which, on a subconscious level, is associated with the smell of mother’s milk, causes confidence and relaxation, as it stimulates the production of oxytocin.

#9. Rose Oil for Dopamine

Hormone of joy and pleasure. It is developed when a person achieves the goal. It plays an important role in the system of motivation and training of people, as well as in the treatment of depression. Its development is promoted by essential oils of rose, peppermint, oregano and musk.

#10. Black Pepper Oil for Endorphins

Hormones that eliminate anxiety and depression, and reduce susceptibility to pain (physical or emotional). Their production is promoted by essential oils of black pepper, vanilla, lavender, ylang-ylang. In addition, any aroma associated with a joyful event, sex or a small extreme situation, such as a parachute jump, is suitable.

#11. Bergamot Oilfor Serotonin

A pleasure hormone that helps to feel your own importance, its lack leads to depression and bad habits.

The production is stimulated with essential oils of bergamot, lemon, lavender, rose and thyme, as well as your favorite fragrance, firmly associated with your favorite season.

#12. Vanilla Oilfor Oxytocin

A pleasure hormone that provokes trust, calmness and confidence. The main love hormone. Its production is stimulated by vanilla essential oil, as well as by all the flavors that evoke pleasant romantic memories.

In conclusion

In conclusion, the use of essential oils for female hormone imbalance can be very beneficial for you and your family, as a natural way to enhance and regulate mood and to prevent and reduce the adverse effects of many conditions including PMS.

As always, make sure you choose essential oil brands that offer 100% natural / organic, safety-tested products, and don’t forget to dilute them with carrier oil before use.

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  1. You know I’m with you on this one my dear. Beauty sleep is what we need and crave. I find I don’t sleep leading up to each period which often stores up problems in the tiredness department. At times, I stop trying as that can become worse than the problem itself. However, mediation has helped the ability to switch off to prevent sleeplessness becoming thinking time. I also love the sleep spray which I find really helps. Iron deficiency and anaemia has also caught me out a few times on the peri-menopausal journey.

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