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Homemade Massage Oil For Weight Loss: Burn Fat Faster

In this article, you’ll discover how to prepare the perfect homemade massage oil for weight loss, and how to apply the oils for maximum results on the areas of your body where excess fat is localized.

What is the best homemade massage oil for weight loss?

Essential oils to use in massage are great in helping to lose weight. They improve the digestive system, remove toxins, normalize the fluid balance, and reduce appetite. Of course, a massage alone won’t be enough to burn fat, but if you are already following a healthy diet and exercise routine to lose weigh, this will help you burn fat faster and more effectively.

Essential oils of rosemaryylang-ylangbergamotlavender, turmeric and jasmine normalize metabolism, improve the skin condition, and strengthen the nervous system (reduce the risk of diet failure). These essential oils help the progress of food through the digestive tract. They stimulate gastric juice, which makes it possible to use it in the treatment of gastric disorders, stomach pain, colic, flatulence, diarrhea and vomiting.

Mintvanillacinnamon and fennel oils suppress hunger, positively affect the work of the intestines, accelerate the elimination of toxins, normalize carbohydrate metabolism, restore the fat balance.

Essential oils of grapefruitorange and other citruses improve metabolism, help control appetite, normalize fat metabolism.

Essential oils of junipersweet dillgingercypresscardamom, and geranium normalize metabolic processes, remove excess liquids from the body.


How to make a homemade massage for weight loss

In aromatherapy, essential oils can be inhaled using aromatic lamps, for a variety of health and beauty purposes. If your goal is to make the perfect homemade massage oil blend to use for weight loss, you will need to apply essential oils directly on skin, to use during massage. Make sure you follow the essential oils rules when mixing oils and choose an appropriate base oil (never use essential oils undiluted).

Before or after massage, the oils can be applied in body wrapping, or simply added in baths. This is the perfect solution to take advantage of the metabolism-boosting power of these oils to help losing weight. The essential oil blend will be absorbed by the skin and its effect will last much longer and will also be greater.

How to use massage oils in body wraps for weight loss

homemade massage oil for weight loss

Before the procedure, take a shower.

Dilute essential oil in carrier oil (peach, grape seed, olive, almond, jojoba).

Apply the composition to the skin, in areas where most excess fat is present. In women, this is mostly around the inner thighs, arms and belly. In men, fat is localized mostly around the stomach area.

Perform massage gently for a few minutes.

Wrap the body with plastic and lie under the blanket.

After 30-60 minutes, take a shower and lubricate the skin with anti-cellulite cream, if desired.

How to use massage oils in baths for weight loss

homemade massage oil for weight loss

Essential oils are insoluble in water, therefore when preparing baths, you should use emulsifiers: milk, yogurt, honey or salt.

The optimal proportion is 5-6 drops of essential oils for every 2 tbsp of emulsifier.

The duration of the procedures is 15 minutes, the optimum water temperature is 37-38 degrees.

Perform massage gently for a few minutes in areas with excess fat. This can be done while in the bath, or thereafter.

Rinse or shower to remove massage oil.

My 3 favorite homemade massage oils for weight loss to use in body wraps

#1 Citrus blend

2 tbsp. of carrier oil of choice
5 drops of grapefruit oil
5 drops of bergamot oil
5 drops of geranium oil
5 drops of nutmeg oil
3 drops of cinnamon oil

#2. Cypress blend

4 tbsp. of carrier oil of choice
13 drops of cypress oil
12 drops of juniper oil

#3. Orange mix

2 tbsp. of carrier oil of choice
12-20 drops of orange oil
(this composition also helps to smooth the cellulite tubercles, tightens the skin)

My 3 favorite homemade massage oils to use in baths

#1. Cardamom mix

8 drops of cardamom essential oil dissolved in milk and poured into the bath. The procedure speeds up the burning of fat, smooths the skin.

#2. Bergamot blend

Combine 2 tbsp of any emulsifier, 3 drops of bergamot oil and 3 drops of lavender oil or pink geranium. This bath helps to control your appetite

#3. Cypress blend

Mix 2 tbsp of jojoba oil with essential oils of juniper and cypress (12 drops of both). Mix it with 4 tbsp of salt. This composition also helps to smooth cellulite tubercles.

In conclusion

With the above blends used in body wraps and baths, the effect of your homemade massage for weight loss will be amplified. You will surely see results faster if you follow a healthy diet and exercise regime.

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  1. Using these oils can be a best option to lose weight naturally and it looks so easy to create them. I will definitely try one of them. Thanks for sharing.

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