Best essential oils for strech marks

Homemade Stretch Mark Remedy: Best 14 Healing Lotions

Homemade Stretch Mark Remedy

Stretch marks are one of women’s most common cosmetic issue. I am yet to e met a woman without stretch marks somewhere on her body, and I a yet to meet a woman who wouldn’t want to get rid of them! The truth is, to remove old deep stretch marks at home completely is not always possible. However, using essential oils you may remove small stretchmarks and make the deep ones less noticeable. Essential oils penetrate deep into the skin and improve blood circulation, relieve tension and increase muscle tone. You can dilute essential oils in a massage lotion or add them in baths to reduce stretchmarks.

How to use essential oils for stretch marks healing massage

Homemade Stretch Mark Remedy

Essential oils will need to be added to creams, lotions and mixtures for massage.

To prepare a mixture for massage add 3 drops of essential oil to 1 tbsp of carrier oil.

My favorite carrier oils for stretch marks are: wheat germ oilaloe verasweet almond oilborage oilargan oil, and cocoa butter.​​​

How to use essential oils in baths for stretch marks removal

Homemade Stretch Mark Remedy

Add a few drops of essential oils when taking a bath.
Essential oils are insoluble in water, therefore when preparing baths, you should use emulsifiers: milk, yogurt, honey or salt.

The optimal proportion is 5-6 drops of essential oils for every 2 tbsp of emulsifier. The duration of the procedures is 15 minutes, the optimum water temperature is 37-38 degrees.

Baths help to relax and relieve fatigue. Through open pores, active components penetrate deep under the skin and helps improving blood circulation.

14 Best essential oils to use in to prepare homemade stretch mark remedies

#1. Carrot seed
Revitalizes and tones up the skin, and is also useful for dermatitis, eczema and rashes. Restores thinned and tired skin.

#2. Emu oil

Penetrates through all the layers into the very depths. It enables skin regeneration, smooths small scars and wrinkles.

#3. Olibanum 
Helps in rejuvenation and is used to treat scars and relieve skin inflammation.

#4. Geranium 
Ideal for dry, damaged skin, helps in the fight against cellulite.

#5. Immortelle
Has regenerating properties and is very effective in combating stretch marks and scars.

#6. Jasmine
Increases the elasticity of the skin and reduces scarring. Great for sensitive, dehydrated skin. Eliminates traces of scars, stretch marks and stress spots.

#7. Lavender
Tones and rejuvenates the skin. It is used for various skin diseases. Promotes rapid healing of cuts, abrasions, burns. Softens and smooths the skin.

#8. Mandarin 
Improves blood circulation and reduces fluid retention.

#9. Myrrh
Accelerates healing, tightens the skin, smooths wrinkles and stretch marks.

#10. Neroli 
Promotes the regeneration of skin cells, helps with inflammation and rupture of the capillaries, makes the skin smooth and silky.

#11. Patchouli
Tissue regenerator, promotes faster healing of scars. Remedy for the prevention of stretch marks.

#12. Rose 
Rose has a moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effect. Rejuvenates and smooths the skin, helps in the fight against scars and stretchmarks.

#13. Rosemary 
Improves blood circulation, stimulates cell renewal, ideal for oily skin.

#14. Sandalwood

Helps to prevent scarring. It is used for inflamed skin and to eliminate flabbiness and smooth wrinkles.

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