Best essential oils for wrinkles

How To Remove Wrinkles Naturally At Home: 5 Easy Face Masks

In this article you’ll find out how to remove wrinkles naturally at home, and my personal favorite selection of anti-wrinkles face masks using natural oils. Because how hard can it possibly be to be and feel beautiful these days? With all the plastic surgery and various drugs available on today’s market, pretty much any woman can look like Angelina Jolie and any man like Brad Pitt if they can afford paying top dollar. But not only are these methods expensive and out of reach for most people. They can also be dangerous and carry some serious acute and long-term side effects (especially when your doctor is not the same one that celebrities go to!)

Regular application of natural essential oils with the appropriate base oils to the face allows you to saturate the skin with a sufficient amount of moisture and nutrients that promote the production of collagen and elastin, supports fat metabolism in the epidermis, and creates an invisible barrier that protects us from unfavorable weather conditions and photoaging.



Top 7 Essential Oils To Remove Wrinkles Naturally At Home

Before we dive into how to remove wrinkles naturally at home, let’s choose the best natural elements to use in our anti-wrinkles homemade face mask. I’ve personally selected 7 essential oils that will do the job in the best possible way, freshen up your look and leave your face as smooth and tight as ever.

how to remove wrinkles naturally at home

#1. Rosehip 
It makes the skin smooth, refreshed and has a tightening effect.

#2. Lemon
Lightly whitens and smooths skin color. Restores skin elasticity.

#3. Patchouli
Shows lifting qualities, gently smooths the skin, moisturizes the deep layers of the epidermis.

#4. Eucalyptus
Can be used for combating flabbiness, wrinkles and sagging.

#5. Geranium
Stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, suitable even for sensitive types

#6. Olibanum
A powerful anti-wrinkle smoothing oil, especially on the delicate skin around the eyes.

#7. Myrrh
Protects the skin and accelerates the renewal of epidermal cells. Increases elasticity.

In addition to the above listed oils, the following oils can be used to smooth wrinkles: ylang-ylang, sandalwood, primula, juniper, nutmeg, neroli, grapefruit, carrot seed, petitgrain, vetiver, myrtle, chamomile, yarrow.

All of the essential oils should be mixed with carrier oils (jojoba, castor, cocoa, coconut, grape seed, flaxseed, sea buckthorn, almond, olive, wheat germ, avocado.

My favorite easy face masks to remove wrinkles at home naturally

Now that you know which are the natural oils that work best with wrinkles let’s look at how to easily make a perfect anti-wrinkle natural homemade face mask.

I’ve personally used the blends below and had great results on the wrinkles on my face and around the eyes.

Pick one of these blends, based on the wrinkles depth and on where the problem is localized.

All of these masks can be made easily at home using natural essential oils, and work pretty much on any type of wrinkles, so you could also simply try them all before choosing your favorite.

Use them at least twice daily or as recommended. You should expect to see the first results within 4-6 weeks.

#1. Face mask for deep facial wrinkles – How to remove deep wrinkles naturally at home 

1 tsp of jojoba oil
1 tsp of wheat germ oil
3 drops of olibanum essential oil
4 drops of rose essential oil

Mix the oils and apply them to the clean face in the area of deep wrinkles. This composition is not suitable for treating the delicate skin under the eyes.

#2. Face mask for fine wrinkles removal – How to remove fine wrinkles naturally at home 

3 tsp of peach seed oil
3 drops of ylang-ylang essential oil
3 drops of ​lemon essential oil

The remedy is effective against folds in the corners of the eyes, around the lips and under the eyes.

#3. Smoothing wrinkles mask

2 tsp of avocado oil
3 drops of neroli essential oil

The thoroughly mixed mixture is applied to a clean face for 20 minutes. After that remove it with a paper towel. The mask is recommended for daily use.

#4. Mask with essential oils from wrinkles around the eyes – How to remove wrinkles around the eyes naturally at home 

How to remove wrinkles naturally at home

1 tbsp of grape seed oil
11 drops of fennel essential oil
4 drops of olibanum essential oil
4 drops of primrose essential oil

The mixture lubricates the area around the eyes. Use it before going to sleep at least 4 times a week.

#5. Nutritious creams

Simply add some essential oils  to your main caring cream to maximize its beneficial effect. The amount of oil is calculated for 30 g of cream. I recommend eucalyptus and/or geranium as they mix pretty well with standard hydrating face caring creams,and they are very effective against all depths and types of wrinkles, both age- and stress- related. Feel free to experiment with different essential oils, however, or pick from the 7 oils I listed above.

In conclusion

I hope that you are now aware of how to remove wrinkles naturally at home, and that you will give my face mask a try! I’m sure that you will find them more effective than the classic supermarket creams and more cost effective than high-end cosmetic lotions. Let me know your thoughts on this article and which homemade anti-wrinkles mask you like the best by dropping a comment below!

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